(Winter 2008-09)

   Written by wargamers, for wargamers, each issue of Panzer Digest contains games, articles, and variants of interest to historically-minded players, with an emphasis on playability, and fun.    Each edition also includes wargame reviews and comment, regular editorial columns and input from readers, and (often) variant counters for use with some of the popular games covered within its pages. 

   Issue #5 consists of a forty-page magazine, plus inserts.  Two complete games are included.  BREAKOUT AT ST. LO is a traditional hexagon, two-player operational design focusing on the American breakout in the bocage of France, a month after D-Day.  THUNDER GODS is a card-driven game that simulates Japanese kamikazes against the US Navy off Okinawa in April 1945.  Read on for more details about the games, the magazine, and the inserts...

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The Articles
  Here is a list of articles, variants, and reviews contained in issue #5:

From the Editor
Graphics in Perspective (J.Werbaneth)
More Streets of Stalingrad Variations (J.Thomas)
Breakout at St. Lo Instructions (G.Graber)
Thunder Gods: The Kamikaze Offensive (P.Rohrbaugh)
Notice Board
Thunder Gods Instructions (P.Rohrbaugh)
Guadalcanal Meets Salvo (L.Boye)
Thumbnail Impressions:
  Twilight Struggle (GMT) (G.Graber)
  War at Sea (L2DG) (R.Smith)
  Barbarossa: Kiev to Rostov (GMT) (G.Graber)
   Nine Navies War (Decision) (R.Smith)
NavTac 1914 Solitaire Variant (B.Flood)
Solitaire Workshop:
  Breakout at St. Lo Variant (G.Graber)
Letters to the Editor
Panzer Digest Index #1-#5
The Last Word (G.Graber)

The Wargames
   Here are brief descriptions of the issue's games:

BREAKOUT AT ST. LO: Two-player, operational game set in France, July 1944.  Daily turns, 2 mile hexes, division level.  One 8.5" x 11" cardstock map, 60 color uncut counters, small Reference Card.  Americans are on the offensive, and must eliminate German units and exit off south edge of the map, while the Germans must try and prevent this.

THUNDER GODS: Two-player, tactical game (individual planes and ships), set off Okinawa, April 1945.  5" x 8" color map (area movement), 17 double-sided color uncut counters.  A standard deck of cards (not supplied) generates play.  Japanese kamikaze planes (and their escorts) must attack the US destroyer "picket line" off of Okinawa.  US planes and ships must drive off the attackers.

The Inserts
   The inserts included with this issue:

-- One 8.5" x 11" cardstock map, and one small
  Reference Card (Breakout at St. Lo)
-- One 8.5" x 5.5" color card map and counter set
  (Thunder Gods)
-- One 8" x 3.75" color counter set (Breakout at St. Lo
  x60; Breakout at St. Lo variant counters x25; Streets
  of Stalingrad generic variant counters x5)

The Bottom Line
   If you enjoy playing wargames... reading about wargames... playing solitaire wargames... designing wargames... in short, if traditional strategy wargames is your hobby, PANZER DIGEST is the magazine for you! Order your copy today!
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